The number between ' and ° is marked as minutes, as in 1/60th of a degree. This command must always follow °. On the TI-84, the returned value will be in degrees, regardless of mode. On the TI-89, the mode returned will be correct.


  • APPS + 2ND (ANGLE)
  • 2:'


:Disp "1°",1°
:Disp "0°60'",0°60'
:Disp "1°",1°
:Disp "0°60'",0°60'
:Disp "(0°60')°"

This shows how ° and ' function under degree, showing that they are the same. Then, switching to Radian mode, it calculates 1° getting the correct number of radians, 0°60' showing that it still returns 1, then (0°60')° to show how to convert to radians when using '.

See AlsoEdit

  • ▶DMS - to display a result using Degrees, Minutes and Seconds

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