This returns the principal (positive) square root of the specified value. To find the other square root of a number, negate the value this returns. This is the inverse function of squaring

For this function to return the square root of negative numbers, the mode must be either a+bi or re^θi. It will not work if the parameter is negative and the mode is Real.



  • 2ND + x2 (√¯¯)


  • 2ND + × (√¯¯)


\sqrt (81)

  • The above equation would give you an answer of 9, because 9×9=81. It would not return -9, since that is the negative square root of 81.

\sqrt (-9)

  • As long as the mode is not Real, this will return 3i. -3i counts as a negative square root, and will not be returned.

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