Tells the calculator to display a complex number or vector in Polar mode.



  • MATH
  • CPX
  • 7:►Polar


  • 2ND + 5 (MATH)
  • 4:Matrix
  • L:Vector Ops
  • 4:▶Polar


  • Catalog
  • 2
  • -Vector
  • Convert to Polar


  • Catalog
  • 2
  • -Number
  • -Complex Number Tools
  • Convert to Polar

Example Edit

:Input "CPX NUMBER? ",X
:Disp X►Polar

This program will ask for a complex number, then display it in polar form.

:Input "X: ",x
:Input "Y: ",y
:Disp "Polar: " + [x,y]▶Polar

This asks for a vector as two rectangular coordinates. Then it displays the corresponding polar vector.

See AlsoEdit

  • re^θi - persistently display numbers in polar form
  • ▶Rect - display a number in rectangular form

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