Description Edit

Chase is a simple graphical game in which you are the Theta symbol and you are trying to avoid the Pi and get to the G. When you hit a wall, you go to the opposite side. I may add a tick counter and a high score board at a later date.

Commands Needed Edit

Code Edit

:While 1
:If Ans=24:Then
:If Ans=25:Then
:If Ans=26:Then
:If Ans=34:Then
:If A>8:Then
:If A<1:Then
:If B>16:Then
:If B<1:Then
:If A>C:Then
:If B>D:Then
:If B<D:Then
:If A=E and B=F:Then
:Goto 1
:If A=C and B=D:Then
:Goto 2
:Lbl 2
:Disp "You Lost"
:Goto E
:Lbl 1
:Disp "You Won"
:Lbl E

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