this returns a list in which each element is the sum of all the elements before it in the parameter.


Each element in each row will be the sum of all the matching elements in the preceding rows.


  • 2ND + STAT (LIST)
  • OPS
  • 6:cumSum(


  • 2ND + X-1 (MATRIX)
  • MATH
  • 0:cumSum(


:Pause L1

This displays triangle numbers.

The first block asks for how many triangle numbers to calculate. The second block sets L1 to a list full of ones. It does this by clearing the list, than adding 1 to each number.

After the first cumSum, L1 will be {1,2,3,4,5,...}, each position having a number equal to 1 times its position.

After the second cumSum, L1 will be {1,3,6,10,15,...}. The first element is 1, the second 1+2, the third 1+2+3

Then it displays the results.

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