:dotP(list1, list2)
:dotP(vector1, vector2)

This takes the dot product of two vectors.

The vectors can be any size, but they must be the same size. Additionally, instead of a vector, lists with the same restrictions can be used.



  • 2ND + 5 (MATH)
  • 4:Matrix
  • L:Vector Ops
  • 3:dotP(


  • Cataog
  • 2
  • -Vector
  • Dot Product


:Disp dotP({1},{1})
:Disp dotP([√(5)∠90°-tan-1(1/2)],[√(5)∠tan-1(1/2)])
:Disp dotP([1,3,-5],[4,-2,-1])

This will print the three dot products using three acceptable kinds of input. It will display 1, 4 and 3.

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