(84) :e^(value)

Takes e (Euler's number, 2.718281828...), and multiples it to the power (exponent) of a specified value. This is a shortcut for e^value.

Although a special character exists in TI-84-Basic, the long form must be used in TI-89.

Location Edit


  • 2ND + LN (ex)


  • ◇ + x (ex)

Examples Edit

  • e^(4)
    • The above equation would give you an answer of approximately 54.59815003, because e \times e \times e \times e \approx 54.59815003.
  • e^(0)
    • The above equation would give you an answer of 1, because any number to the power (exponent) of zero is 1.

See Also Edit

  • ln( - the inverse of this function
  • e - the base of is function
  • ^ - more general 'to power of' function.

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