This will cause all values inside the parenthesis to be treated as if exact mode was on. It will leave constants as they are, and convert numbers to fractions when possible. This will also keep integers as integers, where approx adds a decimal point to the end making integers unaccepted by functions that require integers.


All examples assume approx mode is on

:5                - returns 5.
:.75              - returns .75
:3/4              - returns .75
:exact(5)         - returns 5
:exact(5.)        - returns 5
:exact(.75)       - returns 3/4
:exact(π)         - returns π
:exact(approx(π)) - returns 3.1415926535898
:2*exact{π)       - returns 6.2831853071796
:exact(2*π)       - returns 2π

See AlsoEdit

  • ▶Frac - displays a number in fractional form. TI-84 only
  • approxRational( - converts a decimal into a fraction, rather than just force the calculator to display it as such. TI-nspire only

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