This returns a string containing the date.

format affects how the string is displayed. The formats usable by used by various TI calculators are in the table below.

DateString formats used by various TI calculators
display as example TI-84 TI-89
MM/DD/YY 07/26/17 1 1
DD/MM/YY 26/07/17 2 2
YY/MM/DD 17/07/26 3 10e10
MM.DD.YY 07.26.17 10e10 3
DD.MM.YY 26.07.17 10e10 4
YY.MM.DD 17.07.26 10e10 5
MM-DD-YY 07-26-17 10e10 6
DD-MM-YY 26-07-17 10e10 7
YY-MM-DD 17-07-26 10e10 8


  • The catalog


:Disp GetDtStr(GetDtFmt)

This prints the date using the user-decided default format.

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