:LinReg(a+bx) List1,List2[,freqlist][,Y-Var]

Displays the y, a, and b values for the Linear Regression (or Line of Best Fit) of List1 and List2, where List1 is the independent variable and List2 is the dependent variable.

freqlist is the number of times each element appears. By default, each pair is used once.

If Y-Var is specified, the regression will be input into Y-Var, in addition to being displayed.


  • STAT
  • CALC
  • 8:LinReg(a+bx)


:LinReg(a+bx) L₁,L₂

This will display the following:


See AlsoEdit

  • LinReg(ax+b) - the same as this, but with the a and b variables reversed

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