You might ask yourself how people create lowercase letters on the TI-83+ or TI-84+. You can do this on the computer and then send the program to your calculator, or you can type the lowercase letters on your calculator directly, using the method presented here. This method is confirmed to work on the following models of TI's calculators:

  • TI-83+
  • TI-84+
  • TI-84+ SE

Be sure to back up your programs if you attempt to do this on any other type, as it might result in a RAM clear. In particular, this method is confirmed not to work on the TI-84+ CE-T.

Create a new program, and call it anything you want:


You can get AsmPrgm from the catalog.

When you have typed this, you can quit the program. Then: run the program in assembly. Type on the home screen:


When you have executed the program, you can now enter the lowercase letters by pressing the ALPHA button twice.

Keep prgmLOW on your calculator. For some strange reason you sometimes have to execute this program again.