This is a program made by Ghostdm 02:08, October 12, 2010 (UTC)

I made this when I was bored of Java programming one day..

:Output(5,4,"6 8 4 2 1
:Output(6,4,"- - - - -
:While K=105
:F+(not(fPart(A/16)) and not(F))-(not(fPart(A/16)) and F)→F
:E+(not(fPart(A/8)) and not(E))-(not(fPart(A/8)) and E)→E
:D+(not(fPart(A/4)) and not(D))-(not(fPart(A/4)) and D)→D
:C+(not(fPart(A/2)) and not(C))-(not(fPart(A/2)) and C)→C
:B+(not(fpart(A)) and not(B))-(not(fPart(A)) and B)→B

All this program does is count to 31 in binary (0 - 11111).

I made it when I realised I could count to 31 with 5 fingers using binary.

Using ENTER key you can pause the counter and look at the binary number.

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