Please note when using this timer: this is not an official timer and is not liscensed or endorsed by Rubik's or the WCA in any way, form, or fashion. This program was written using a TI-89 and must be editted for it to be used on a TI-84. I do not own a TI-84, so someone that owns one or knows its programming format please add a TI-84 version.

Code: TI-89Edit

:Unarchiv hm,hs
:If (getType(hm)="NONE"):99999→hm
:If (getType(hs)="NONE"):99→hs
:Delvar x
:Output 0,27,"Rubik's Cube Timer"
:Output 10,20,"Press enter to start"
:Output 20,10,"Press 8 for best time"
:While z=0
:If z=13 then
:While y=0
:Output 0,28,"Press (-) to stop"
:Output 25,55," "
:Output 25,47,"m"
:Output 25,106," "
:Output 25,100,s
:Output 35,30,"minutes"
:Output 35,85,"seconds"
:If y=173 Then
:If m<hm or (m=hm and s<hs) Then
:If z=ord("8") Then
:Output 25,47,hm
:Output 25,100,hs
:Output 35,30,"minutes"
:Output 35,85,"seconds"
:Archive hm,hs

Other NotesEdit

For a timer that is closer to WCA standards, please click here. The timer on this site uses cookies to save your times. It will automatically place times in to a list and take averages. Like a WCA speedcubing competition, your fastest and your slowest times will be removed before averaging your times

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