Shifts all the bits in the integer right one. This is effectively integer division by 2.


Shifts all the elements in the list right one. The rightmost element in the list is discarded and the leftmost one becomes undef


Shifts all the characters in the string right one. The rightmost character is dicarded, and the leftmost one becomes the space character (" ")

A second parameter can be added to determine how many shifts and in which direction they are made. The default is right one, or -1. shift(var,0) will have no effect. 1 will shift left one. 2 will shift left two times. The list continues in both directions.


:Disp shift(16)=8
:Disp shift(17)=8
:Disp shift(list,1)[1]=list[2]

This will print true three times. Every statement here is true.

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