The sine function is to find the ratio of the length of the leg opposite to the angle with the measure of value over the length of the hypotenuse of a triangle. The formulas for sine, cosine, and tangent can be memorized with the phrase SOH - CAH - TOA. (sine = opposite/hypotenuse, cosine = adjacent/hypotenuse, tangent = opposite/adjacent)

Note that the result of the sine function will vary with the angle mode: when the calculator is set in Degree mode the sine function will have a different result than when the calculator is set in Radian mode.

Location Edit


  • sin(


  • 2nd + Y (sin)


  • sin

Examples Edit


A graph of a sine wave

  • \mbox{sin} \left( \pi / 6 \right)
  • The above equation will give you an answer of 0.5 on Radian setting.
  • \mbox{sin} \left( \pi \right)
  • The above equation will give you an answer of zero on Radian setting.

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