SmashCalc is a program where you press random buttons to score points. This is (or might be) a great way to deal with your anger. NOTE: I am NOT responsible for any calculator damage!

Summary Edit


First, you see text that says SCORE: 0. Then, you smash buttons on your calculator. You will notice you have scored points.

Basically, you just randomly press buttons. For each button you press, you get 5 points. Press (2ND) to stop playing. If you have stopped playing, press (CLEAR) after you press (2ND).

Program Edit

Here's the actual program along with the explanation for each line:

PROGRAM:SMSHCALC        <-- Title of program. 
:ClrHome                <-- Clears the main screen. 
:0S                    <-- Tells the program that S=0 (S represents the points scored). 
:Lbl 1                  <-- Label 1. 
:getKey→G               <-- Tells the program that G represents the key pressed. 
:Output(1,1,"SCORE: ")  <-- Shows the text "SCORE: " at line 1 starting on column 1. 
:Output(1,8,S)          <-- Shows the number of points scored, S, on line 1 starting at column 8. 
:If G0                 <-- If the key pressed is not equal to 0 (meaning that the key pressed is any key) 
:S+5→S                  <-- Adds 5 points to the score. 
:If G=21                <-- If the key pressed is (2ND) 
:Stop                   <-- Exits the program. 
:Goto 1                 <-- Go to Label 1 (loops forever until [2ND] is pressed).

Conclusion Edit

Yay! You made your first solution to uncontrollable anger!!

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