Star Smash is a game I created to entertain some of my friends. It is similar to Galaga, in that you command a space fighter that can only move laterally, or in this case, I guess it's vertically. You then have to shoot at multiplication signs that come at you from the other side of the screen. Lots of mindless entertainment for those of you with a really dull Science teacher like I have...

Control SummaryEdit

The controls are simple:

-Up Arrow to move up

-Down Arrow to move down

-MODE to shoot

-ENTER to pause/unpause

-2ND to quit


Here's the actual coding. The coding between the arrows is unnecessary to write unless you want a nice title screen and directions.

:ClrHome      <--------------------------Start unnecessary programming
:Output(3,1,"    *  [  *    <-- (spacing: 4 spaces, *, 2 spaces, [, 2 spaces, *)
:Output(5,1,"   *   [   *   <-- (spacing: 3 spaces, *, 3 spaces, [, 3 spaces, *)
:Output(7,2,"ENTER TO START
:Output(8,1,"+ FOR DIRECTIONS
:Lbl 4
:If M=105
:Goto 6
:If M=95:Then
:Output(1,1,"-PRESS MODE
:Output(2,1,"TO SHOOT
:Output(4,1,"-PRESS ARROWS
:Output(5,1,"TO MOVE
:Output(7,1,"-PRESS ENTER
:Output(8,1,"TO PAUSE
:Goto 6
:If M=15
:Goto 6
:Goto 4
:End       <-----------------------------End unnecessary programming
:Lbl 6 
:Lbl 1
:If K=25 and L≠1
:If K=34 and L≠6
:If K=22
:If A=L+1 and 3<B<7 and K=22:Then
:If B=1:Then
:If A=L or A=L+2:Then
:Output(4,2,"YOU EPIC FAIL!
:Goto 6
:If B=2 and A=L+1:Then
:Output(4,2,"YOU EPIC FAIL!
:Goto 6
:If B=1:Then
:If K=21
:If K=105
:Goto 1


Now you no longer have to sit through that ridiculously boring Science class or review that Math concept you've learned a thousand times. Have fun!

One might also like to add a high score table or multiple levels, or make multiple asteroids fly at the space fighter at a time. If so, we would love it if you would post them here in the code!

  • Note that TI-BASIC Wiki is not responsible for any repercussions caused by playing Star Smash in class. Stay in school kids!

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