A String is a structure for storing text. A String is stored as a sequence of characters and is recalled as the same sequence of characters. They are mostly used for displaying text to the screen with Disp, Output( and Text(.

When hard coding Strings, the value of the string would be surrounded by Quotation Marks. For this reason, Quotation Marks cannot be a part of the string. In TI-84-BASIC, the character cannot be in a string either because the TI-84 has a lenient syntax and does not require terminating quotation marks, so the calculator assumes a string is terminated when it encounters a →.

Location of VariablesEdit


  • VARS
  • 7: String...
  • Str[0-9]


  • Any variable may be used


:"A "→Str1
:Disp Str3

This causes A STRING to appear on the screen two times.

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