This returns a string representation of a value. This exists because some functions, such as PtText and PxlText only accept strings.

However, for the functions that accept both strings and other values, such as Disp and Output, both value and the string version of value will be the same, as long as Pretty Print is off.



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:PtText x^2,4,4     - creates an error
:PtText "x^2",4,4       - Prints "x^2" on the graph screen
:PtText string(x^2),4,4 - Prints "x^2" on the graph screen
:Disp x^2               - Prints x² on the IO screen if Pretty Print is on, else prints "x^2"
:Disp string(x^2)       - Prints "x^2" on the IO screen

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