NOTE: This tutorial only covers TI-83 syntax and the syntax it shares with TI-84.

This tutorial covers the basic tools needed to create any basic program. Calculator programs are useful for math programs, since they have many more math commands than a typical computer. The main limitations are the memory and processor restrictions, along with the low screen resolution.

The first step is to access the program menu. Press the key labeled "PRGM" in the upper middle part of the keypad. If your calculator is new, you should not have any programs in this menu. Let's fix that!

Press right two times, to get to the "NEW" tab. Press enter to create a new program.

Now, pick a name for it. Try something descriptive like "TUTORIAL."

You are now ready to begin typing in commands. Most programming commands can be accessed by pressing the "PRGM" button. Almost all commands can also be accessed from the "CATALOG" button, at 2nd-zero. Let's start with a basic text adventure. There are a few commands you need to learn before we get started.

The first is the string data type. A string is a sequenced set of characters. You can't change a character in the middle of a string. String variables are accessed from the "VARS" menu, under the "VARS" tab at number 7. You can assign a string to any variable, and use it in your program.

To create a string, you need the quotation mark character, located at ALPHA-+.

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