This list contains the values found as the input on the Table. If IndpntAuto is set, this will be changed to seq(TblStart+X*ΔTbl,X,0,6) every time the Table is displayed. It can be set like other list variables, but IndpntAsk must be called before any changes will be made pernament.


  • VARS
  • VARS
  • 6:Table...
  • 3:TblInput

See AlsoEdit

  • IndpntAuto, indicates that this variable be automatically set from TblStart and ΔTbl
  • TblStart, when IndpntAuto is set, the starting value for the table
  • ΔTbl, when IndpntAuto is set, the difference between values on the table
  • IndpntAsk, indicates that this variable not be automatically set.

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