Here is help in case you find problems.

TI-84 Plus and original TI-84 Plus Silver EditionEdit

TI-84 Plus not turning onEdit

  • Check the contrast value. Press On, then Clear, then 2ND, then hold Up. If the screen is visible, then the contrast value was the problem.
  • If this doesn't fix the problem, you may want to clear your RAM, which will remove all your applications from memory, but archived programs will be safe. Press 2ND, then Mem, then 7, 1, 2.
  • If RAM cleared does not display on the screen, your main batteries may be too dry for the calculator to work. Replace the main batteries.

RAM cleared on startupEdit

  • If a line shows up on the right side of the screen when pressing On, then the screen is replaced with "RAM cleared" and a cursor, this means that your calculator had crashed, and thus had to restart.
    • Since the calculator restarted, you may want to reset your clock and Language settings, as both are stored in a separate part of RAM, which is only reset when it crashes. Other items in RAM that are reset when clearing RAM are reset as well.

"Your batteries are low" message on pressing On or Garbage Collect, or other similar messages when using ApplicationsEdit

  • Your main batteries are low, or you have inserted low voltage (1.2 volts) rechargeable batteries into your calculator. This causes this message to pop up on startup.
    • Since your batteries are low (or low voltage), you are unable to use the Flash memory.
    • When this is true, GarbageCollect will show the "Your batteries are low. change is required" message instead of the "Garbage Collect?" menu.
    • Another sign is if DoorsCS always shows "Error 506: Archive Error" instead of "Archiving appvar".
    • If the Asm program AsmPrgmEFBF41EFB3502003EF9B41EFD14AC9 returns 1, your batteries should be replaced soon, or now if you want to use related applications that use Archive or update your operation system.
    • To change your batteries, save all programs to Flash, and any other important items you want to keep. Now clear your RAM by pressing 2ND, Mem, 7, 1, 2. When RAM cleared shows up on Screen, change your main batteries.
    • After changing your batteries with new ones, you should run GarbageCollect.

Sudden "Garbage Collect?" or "ERR: Not Enough Memory" messagesEdit

  • If you attempt to archive something into Flash, but do not have enough contagious memory in Flash, the Garbage Collect message will appear. This is because TI-OS cannot use non-contagious memory in Flash, and it is only able to reset a page of memory at a time.
    • If the first message appears suddenly, select No, then press Clear, or if the second message appears just press Clear.
    • Now press 2ND, then Catalog, then when the Catalog menu appears, press G and then Enter twice to manually activate Garbage Collect. When the "Garbage Collect?" message appears, press Yes, and wait while TI-OS sorts your Flash memory.

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