:Prompt X
:DelVar X
:Disp Ans

Now, tell me what this function returns. It's optimized, I'm certain; Prompt does not return anything because it does not have a parenthesis (But then again, Output doesn't return anything, I thought…). But anyway, it deletes the only word it creates As Soon As Possible. It uses Ans for everything, and without all that pesky storing into anything, except Ans storing stuff in Ans doesn't count, apparently. Or maybe it takes up time since 5→X stores 5 in both X and ans… that makes sense. And Disp Ans is two characters, as opposed to Output(1,1,Ans which is an ugly and bloated six chars, and if it had that ending parenthesis, the horrors of a seven char command would be unleashed, and no one wants that. Unless Output( saves half a Planck time, which it apparently does given that it is used so much, and it does not have to rewrite most of the screen… Now I'm torn between saving four characters of physical memory, or half a Planck time in execution speed… (have you noticed how efficient I'm being? I'm using ellipsis instead of three periods) And of course, shift(Ans,2) is fast. No one could look at it and instantly state "That multiplies Ans by 4!" (does shift even work on ans?), but it is fast. It's just moving every bit left one individually, so thats like eight moved bits, and that's only if a word is a byte, which it certainly is not.

Of course, when it comes down to it, no optimization saves space and may have one (GASPS!) redundant 5→X→Ans operations, but it is understandable. Of course, Look at how impossibly slow multiplication is! I mean, executing the below example does the exact same result as the above, but it takes years! How could anyone stand it?

:Prompt X
:Disp X

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