Since the new skin (officially "Wikia", I may still call it Oasis out of habit) is being released, I figured it might be a good time to change the theme. So, I was wondering what people associated with TI. So far all I did do was give the wordmark a sans-serif font, but I'm still thinking of telling it to specifically make it a TI-calculator font, with either the current font or a monospaced sans-serif font a last resort. The specific fonts I'm referring to are mentioned in this entry.

Relating to colors, I tend to associate either blue or yellow with TI, because my calculators have been either blue or the loaned-yellow color, but wikipedia's page pictures for both the TI-84 and TI-89 are black with silver hilights. And the TI-nspire page is just giving me mixed messages. However, the screen is black-and-white, so could the background be a calculator color, and then make the screen look like a calculator screen? Of course, the general font face would have to be different from the <code> font face, I think.

So, just a request for user input here.

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